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How to get a Tangerine referral bonus

How to get a Tangerine referral bonus

Tangerine is an awesome bank. Even if they didn’t offer any promotions whatsoever I would recommend them to anyone in Canada that is fed up with fees and bad service from the big banks.

But what if I told you that Tangerine is offering a sign-up bonus to new customers?  No questions asked.

The Tangerine referral bonus with an Orange Key

When you setup a new account, Tangerine gives you a chance to enter a special code that says “Referred by a friend?”  If you enter a valid Orange Key (which I will provide below) then you will instantly be eligible for this cash bonus which will be deposited directly into your account.  Right now (and until December 31, 2015) the bonus is $50.

How to use the Tangerine Orange Key

To take advantage of this promotion you need to enter a valid Tangerine Orange Key to show proof of referral.

First, go to this page to start signing up with Tangerine for a new account:

This page will walk you through the steps to start a new account with Tangerine. Once you click “Enroll” on one of the Tangerine accounts it will ask for all of your information.  The Orange Key referral bonus section looks like this:

Orange Key Referral Bonus Screen

Simply enter this Orange Key in the field “Referred by a friend?” shown above:


It’s that easy.  Once you have added at least $100 into your account, then your $50 will show up. Free money is always nice right?  Not only that, but Tangerine is just generally a great bank to deal with.

Happy saving!

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