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ING Direct is now Tangerine

ING Direct is now Tangerine

Remember those commercials with that old Dutch guy that was the spokesman for ING Direct in Canada? Well, unfortunately those are a thing of the past now.

I 2013 ING Direct was bought by Scotia Bank and renamed Tangerine. Everything you loved about ING Direct is still there though.  The no-fee setup. The easy investing options. The slick web interface.  They’re all still here.

Tangerine has become the go to bank for Canadians that are sick and tired of random fees charged against their accounts. They cater to those who rarely (if ever) use live tellers and prefer to do all of their banking online. ANd it works! I’ve been with Tangerine for just over a year now and I will never go back. I save money.  But I also save my sanity (I was pretty close to blowing a gasket when I was with RBC).

So where did ING Direct go? They’re still here, but they’re just called Tangerine.  And they are awesome.

If you do end up setting up an account be sure that you enter the Orange Key below (a referral code) that will bag you $50 free!  No catch.

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Happy saving!

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