Your free Orange Key

Tangerine Orange Key – How to use it

What is a Tangerine Orange Key?

A Tangerine Orange key is a special code that you can enter when you setup a new bank account with Tangerine which immediately gives you a $50 free bonus. It’s that easy.

Why would I choose Tangerine?

In my opinion Tangerine is the best overall value in Canada in terms of banking.  Here are it’s main advantages:

  • It has zero fees (that’s right zero!)
  • It has the best web banking in the business
  • You get access to all Scotia Bank ATMs in Canada for no cost
  • It has the best and simplest investment options that use Index Investing (set and forget)
  • It is simple!
  • They have great customer service
  • They are soon getting a new Tangerine MasterCard which will give immediate cash back
  • You can cash cheques by just taking a photo with your smartphone

How do I setup an account?

It’s simple.  Just go to and click “Sign me up” in the top right. It will then walk you through the steps to get your account up and running (it’s very fast).  They will even help you transfer over money (including in TFSAs or RRSPs) from another bank. Lastly, they walk you through how to transfer over your direct deposit information.  It took me maybe half an hour to walk through all of this.

How do I use the Tangerine Orange Key?

Simple!  You just enter this special code when you setup your account:


The screen will look like the one below.

Orange Key Referral Bonus Screen